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Has anyone had their ovary shrink over time?

Has anyone had their ovary shrink over time?

I was diagnosed with endometriosis with the removal of my left ovary in 2015, but have ultrasounds from 2013 until now. It appears that my right ovary measured 18 cubic centimeters in 2013 and decreased down to 2.56 cubic centimeters now in 2019. I have been on birth control since I was 18 and as far as I know, I haven't entered early menopause. I still get the reminder every time I cycle every 3 months. My uterus also seems to have decreased from a consistent 7.2… read more

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A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

I asked my doctor about it and she said it was normal, that the ovary changes size throughout the cycle and birth control makes them smaller. Just… read more

posted about 1 month ago
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