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Interference of CBD Oil and Birth Control

I am starting to take CBD oil to help reduce my pain and I am concerned it is going to interfere with the birh control I am on. Does anyone know if its cbd or thc in general that interferes with how estrogen based birth control works? Just a little worried I am going to be decreasing the efficacy of my birth control and therfore my endometriosis will come back faster or I will have more breakthrough bleeding.

posted about 5 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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I have never heard of any contraindications between the two. I may be wrong, but I think I would have seen it mentioned somewhere. I have been using… read more

posted about 3 hours ago

Has any one tried natural therapies for endo (pain,fertility etc)

After trying all possible medical treatments and them not working- I’d like to know if any one has had any success stories with acupuncture , naturopath etc?? And if any gold coasters can recommend anyone ? Thanks :)

tags: Accupuncture #infertility #PainRelief

posted about 9 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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Primrose oil can cause uterine contractions, so not best to use while trying to conceive. My dr actually had me take primrose at the end of my pregnancy… read more

posted about 5 hours ago

Help please

Hi All,
I am 28 years old my doc has the belief i have endometriosis.
The pain i am in is unreal i am tablets to try and help the bleeding i constantly keep getting and back ache.
I feel so upset all the time because the pain is so bad it makes me cry alot the time.
I am due to have keyhole surgery soon i just wanted to know if anyone had any pain relief that may help
I use hot water bottle constantly and nothing seems to help me .

posted about 10 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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I had endometrial ablation and i was told it might stop me bleeding but if it didn't it would only be slight. I am 3 months in and still having heavy… read more

posted about 3 hours ago

Ceserian section

I had a csection almost 2 years ago. And I went on the injection for 3 months then I stopped it. And since then I've been in extreme pain. My chest seems to be the worst. So bad I quit smoking. All xrays and sonars are clean. I'm thankful for that. But I can't deal with the pain. My gynaecologist suspects endo. But does not want to do surgery. I'm going to ask her to please do surgery. If it's on or near my lungs it's gotta go. I can't even pick my baby up its so bad.

posted about 13 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

Anyone ever been diagnosed with endometriosis and blocked fallopian tunes and become pregnant naturally?

I was only recently diagnosed with endometriosis this past week. I always had very bad menstrual cycles since the age of 13. At 15 I finally made the decision to go on Depo Provera as I couldn’t take the pain any longer. Fast forward 9 years to now I’m recovery from laparoscopic surgery as I had a cyst removed from my ovary. Diring the surgery he found endometriosis on my pelvic wall, ovary, and tubes as well… read more

tags: ENDOMETRIOSIS #pregnancy fallopian tubes #surgery Holistic Natural Remedy Remedies

posted about 17 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

Does anyone know a good Endocrinologist around CT?

I am desperately looking for a third opinion. My doctor has had me on Lupron for almost 2years now (started it April 2016 and went off last year for a few months then resumed. Still on it.) I am tired of this crap and need to find another option, though I'm allergic to estrogen or my body can't take it. My doctor wants to keep me on Lupron long term and he said there's no known long term effects "that we know of". Anyone know a good Endocrinologist?

tags: Depo-Lupron Second Opinion Endocrinologist

posted about 18 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

Stopped Visanne 2 month ago and still no period. Any advice?

I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago and 5 different contraceptive pills and excruciating pain later my doc diagnosed me with Endometriosis. Instead of immediately going the surgical route we decided to give Visanne a try. My doc told me that I would have to take something like Visanne after any laparoscopy, so I figured it was worth a try. The first month was touch and go but by month 2 it was a load better, however the side effects kicked in and… read more

tags: Visanne Depression and endometriosis hormones. ENDOMETRIOSIS Endometriosis treatment

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

How to find a doctor that does excision endometriosis?

I have been doing a lot of research for the laparoscopy, and I have read that as oppose to burning off we should really be getting excision. How do you go about find a doctor that does excision as oppose to the burning? Also is there a pain difference/recovery difference between these two methods? Thanks for your help! I’m so glad I found this site. I’ve felt really alone in all this before I found this site.

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

If you haven’t already, sign up for Nancy’s Nook Endometriosis Education page on Facebook. It’s a private group with a lot of resources including… read more

edited, originally posted about 17 hours ago

Anyone else have pain even after their doctor couldn’t find anymore endometriosis?

I already had my uterus, left ovary, and cervix removed because of my endometriosis. I just had another laparoscopic surgery earlier this month because my pain has been back for a year and when they did it, they couldn’t find any endometriosis this time and now I’m at a loss as to why I’m still hurting a so bad and it’s the same pain as last time.

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

I had really severe pain even with very little to no endo found. My pain was really affecting my mobility but it turns out it was nerve pain. Mine is… read more

posted 1 day ago

Period after stopping Visanne

How long has it taken for anyone here to get their period after stopping Visanne?

I stopped mine on 23 February and for the last week and a half I have felt like I have my period, but there is nothing at all.

tags: Visanne No period #period Late period.

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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I stopped mine on 24 January :) Two months later and I've experienced that sinking period feeling multiple times but no period at all. How long did you… read more

posted 1 day ago
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