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Visanne or not ??

Why do most drs push the pills so bad?? I just had a gyno apt and my ultrasound was good. I stopped taking the pill 2 yrs ago and yet first thing out of his mouth was I shd go on visanne.

I went off the pill after many yrs because I was sick of the side effects of constant spotting, tingling fingers, and getting burnt to a crisp even in the shade just to name a few symptoms.

As soon as I stopped the pill almost all went away. All I take is Advil when needed ( I have stage 4 endo and pcos)

If my… read more

posted about 2 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

Help Selecting a doctor

I am having a difficult time selecting a new PCP.

I have changed twice in the past two years with unpleasant experiences with both. My long time PCP (age 18-25) did not diagnose my endo, instead prescribing me Prozac for my chronic fatigue and several narcotics for my pain. I also spent several years seeing specialist because every pap I ever had came back abnormal with no explanation as to why. After several years of having to leave work because I had to take pain killers before I… read more

posted about 9 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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You need a Specialist. believe me a Primary care dr. can't handle it. Look on Face Book on Nancy Nooks & they have doctors to choose from. You need… read more

posted about 4 hours ago

Unknown pregnancy during endo surgery

Over a year ago I had spoken with my Gyno about getting surgery for my Endometriosis. He said he would try his best to schedule me for surgery as soon as he could but wasn’t sure when the soonest the OR would be open for such a long procedure seeing as my whole abdomen and up my lungs were covered. I hadn’t heard from his office in months about an update on scheduling me so my husband and I came to the decision we didn’t want to wait to try for child number 2 - I kind of… read more

posted about 21 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

Has anyone has heavy bleeding after a period has ended.

I finished my period last week and yestersay and today ive had heavy bleeding clotting and extreme pain, im worried i should go to the doctor but scared they wont take me seriously

posted about 22 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

Has anyone dealt with a disability case? What I do was helpful in the decision

Will having scientific research and medical facts about how crippling endometriosis can be, help my case or should I just leave it to my medical records which are ify at best? Will that proof prove more valuable to my case

Please email me privately if you have any info that will help. (Email address can only be seen by MyEndometriosisTeam users)

edited, originally posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

How long did it take you to conceive with endo for those of you who were able to have children ?

I am trying to set some realistic goals for pregnancy following excision surgery , Sept 2017. Just starting trying a month ago , first failed attempt and now worried.

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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@A MyEndometriosisTeam User What type of fertility treatments are you getting if you dont mind me asking ? Also did the doctor say your tubes were… read more

posted about 12 hours ago

I've been bleeding since last August non stop. And I was on b.c. is this normal w. Endometriosis?

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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I was in the depo from may - sep. Then I was i was supposed to take it again. But never did since it made me suicidal. But ever since I've been bleeding… read more

posted 1 day ago

Adhessions and confusion and fear!

I have recently had my 3rd lap and this time they found my left ovary is adhered to the abdominal wall and the bowel is also adhered to the point where my pouch of douglas has been obliterated. I am terrified of what the future holds as my consultant has said if they go and try and separate it all I could end up with a colostomy bag and at 35, divorced and alone I am so scared. Has anyone had any experience with this situation positive or negative please can you help me!
Hugs to… read more

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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There's an awesome specialist on Facebook I found that post surgeries on this type of thing. He is in New York but the videos answered a lot and he… read more

posted about 6 hours ago

Has anyone else still veen in pain after a laparoscopy to burn off endometriosis

Hi All I am looking for some advice,I had a laparoscopy done in April this year to burn off my endometriosis under my belly button.
5 weeks later I am in pain again my gyno put me on provera 100mg one tablet for a month then half a tablet for 3 months. I am wondering is it normal to have pain while taking provera an have spotting?Should I get a ultrasound or CT scan done incase I have fibroids or cysts just not sure why every day… read more

posted 2 days ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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Thanks heaps hun I will definetly ask about that does the depot provera injection make u put on weight thats a side effect I was worried about i have… read more

posted 1 day ago
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