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Very heavy period after laparoscopy

Did anyone else experience a very heavy period after a lap? This is my second period after my laparoscopy and last night when I got home my tampon was full, blood had soaked thru my underwear, as well as all the way through my pants. I'm also still experiencing excruciating cramps...

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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Yes it's very common to have heavy and painful periods after laps. There's still a lot of inflammation inside, and takes a while to heal. Mine were horrible after my… read more

posted about 19 hours ago

Has anyone had GNrH injections?

Im on them now and just want to know what poeple experienced after they stopped the injections. Xx

*these are montly stomach injections for 6 months or 2x over six months. They bring on temporary menopause**

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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I need that explained in simple terms lol.

In the Uk GNrH is one of the "main" treatments for endometrisis. Ive got 2 months left of them.

Im dreading what's going to… read more

posted about 4 hours ago

How do you know endo has spread?

How do you know when and if your endo has spread. I know this may he a stupid question. But my doctors are not very helpful and told me i was over reacting for years until finally being diagnosed in august last year after having a laparoscopy. I Have constant back pain. Pain after and during intercourse. Groin pain but this comes an goes. An frequent period like pain. ( im currently on the artificial menopause injections GNrH)

tags: #laparoscopy GnRH #Back Pain #hip pain

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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Can you translate that into simple terms.

posted about 4 hours ago

Husband Letter

A few days ago someone posted a letter that was too a husband describing what us women wanted them to know about our pain. I should have booked marked it. Does anyone know the letter/article I am referring too and if so could you please respond with it. I am feeling so neglectful of my my best friend lately. He is so supportive and understanding but I a would love for him to see that letter/article. Thanks ladies.

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

Who else gets quick twinges of Endo pain accompanied by sudden fatigue?

Every now and then I experience slight-quick twinges of Endo pain directly followed by overwhelming fatigue. The fatigue can last anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

tags: Chronic Fatigue tiredness

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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My doctor won't send me for a laparoscopy as I'm on the depo injection which controls my pain. Where do you get your twitches?

posted about 5 hours ago

Does anyone know where to buy endo jumpers or tshirts?

Looking at getting an endo jumper but have no idea where to look that will be reliable at delivering all the way to little New Zealand.

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

Not sure about shipping

posted about 2 hours ago

How come some people only feel pain and other symptoms while on their period and others feel pain and symptoms every day of a month?

posted 2 days ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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Before hysterectomy, pain was mostly with periods. Afterwards, I had pain all the time. It's only after recent excision of endo of my uterosacral ligaments and iliac… read more

posted about 15 hours ago

How do you balance your endo-related needs with your fitness routine (strength training specifically)?

For those of you who are into strength training, how do you balance your body’s needs with endo and giving yourself an appropriate level of challenge in the weight room? Do you lower the weights, do bodyweight stuff only, etc.? Of course I don’t strength train on days when my pain or fatigue is very bad, but I’m trying to figure out those in-between days where I can still do something, but don’t want to take it… read more

edited, originally posted 2 days ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

I do pole dance, some people say is to hard, and when we do abs I do feel it but I keep going... If I were you I would see how I feel doing the normal routine, maybe… read more

posted 2 days ago

Pulmonary embolism

Has anyone else had their hormonal birth control give them a pulmonary embolism? If so what have the doctors or you done as far as endo treatment? I was told by one dr absolutely no hormones whatsoever ever again and another tell me I could take hormones but they would never take me off the blood thinners. Just looking for options and some kind of hope.

tags: #treatmentplan #hormones #birthcontrol #bloodthinners #hysterectomymaybe #pe #pulmonaryembolism

posted 3 days ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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I would recommend consultation with a dedicated endometriosis expert who is also a reproductive endocrinologist.

posted about 15 hours ago


Hey ladies,

I have suffered for 6 years with the pain finally got diagnosed last year but to my surprise I haven't had any aches for the past week or so (not complaining) I also came on last night and usually this is when I'm at my worst I am normally in agony, sobbing in pain, can't stand etc but NOTHING no pain no aches no nothing. I'm really not complaining as this is the best period I can ever remember lol but just wondered if there is a possible reason for this? as every month for the past 6YEARS have… read more

posted 3 days ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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Hormone changes or for me I am pain free when I don't ovulate given I don't have the normal hormone concentrations and peaks...

posted 2 days ago
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