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How soon did you begin working out after Laparoscopy?

My doc told me I can begin working out 2 weeks post op so I did and I feel a little funky after , is it too soon? I hate this disease and all of the emotional ups and downs and decisions that have to be made :( Just having a bad day , bad stomach pains and I can still feel ovulation after the lap surgery I thought that would be gone.

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posted about 8 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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I wish I had a factual answer But I would say just listen to your body ..

posted about 1 hour ago

Gastrointestinal Symptoms After Laparoscopic Excision of Endo

Did any of you have any residual gastrointestinal symptoms after you had excision surgery ? I am about one month out since the surgery , had my first horrible period and now even after I am still having a lot trapped painful gas and off and on constipation? Any suffer any residual sharp pains after surgery that were off and on? I went to the ER and they found nothing but trapped gas, but this is painful I did better the first 2 weeks after surgery… read more

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posted about 8 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

Anyone just one cycle have intense pain?

I never really had issues with my periods.. if they were more painful than they should I knew no better. I am pretty tough my mom is marine and I got two older brothers .. I had really bad pain in July which I ended up at the ER.. I think I had a ruptured cyst. I had some moderate fluid in my cul de sac.. and they found a 8.6cm cyst. I have had a cyst before and the pain I had 4 years ago definitely mimicked what I experienced in July. Fast forward my CA 125 levels were… read more

posted about 21 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

Abdominal wall endo mass

I’ve recently been diagnosed with an Endometrioma mass growing into my stomach muscles in my lower abdominal area near a 5 year old c section scar. It was originally diagnosed as an incisional hernia however following many scans (privately thankfully) I was referred to a plastic surgeon and then referred again to an endo specialist. He is excellent and I feel confident he will sort me out.

I’m now on 6 months of prostap injections. Im having my next one on Saturday and it’s a triple… read more

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posted about 24 hours ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

Anyone have issues with Hypothyroidism as well as the Endo

I started suffering from severe menstrual pain when I was 15. Sadly, it took some time to find my "diamond in the rough" doctor and last year after surgery and I was diagnosed with stage IV endometriosis. To some extent my endo is managed (it's still a work in progress). But, for several months I have been extremely tired, crazy mood swings from depression to constant anxiety. My hands are dry and my fair is very brittle. Back in '15 I had my blood work… read more

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posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

Please describe your bad back pain & migraine to me.

I've suffered from excruciating back pain and migraine headaches (together, same time!) for years now, without any good expalination. Found out I have Endo in 2013, and now I find out they could be related. Looking to compare pain so I can address this in my next appointment. Thank you!

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posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

pelvic floor pain after surgery

Hi, I had a hysterectomy for endo over the summer. I'm now experiencing sharp pains in my vagina mostly after exercising. I think it might be pelvic floor pain? Has anyone had any experience with this issue after surgery?

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posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User

what happens if you have surgery and don't take any pills or injections? Does the endo just grow back?

posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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I went off everything cuz birth control did nothing for me..yes my endo grew back

posted about 18 hours ago


Has anyone heard of this and or used it for treatment. ??

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posted 1 day ago by A MyEndometriosisTeam User
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I never heard of it

posted about 13 hours ago
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