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Tips for sharing endo experience

Tips for Communicating Your Endometriosis Experience With Loved Ones

by kaylaadamsEndometriosis has this insidious, subtle way of fostering isolation. Just as the cause of our pain is often invisible from the outside, we can begin to feel as if we’re living detached from the life we want by an invisible curtain of...… read more >
Posted 11/30/2016
How to find joy

Finding Joy in Caring for Yourself

by Tracy L. FischerAs anyone with a chronic illness knows, taking care of yourself is exhausting. Whether it's the day-to-day wake up, drink coffee, shower, get dressed, drink additional coffee, or finding the energy to do things just because...… read more >
Posted 11/21/2016
Mht ad advice myendometriosisteam

Your Answers: The Worst Endometriosis Advice (Infographic)

We asked and you answered! We posted this question: What bits of "advice" do you wish people would stop telling you? and hundreds of you took the time to respond.What did we learn? From the unconcerned ("It can't be that bad") to the plain...… read more >
Posted 11/13/2016
Dear endometriosis

Dear Endometriosis, I need a break!

If you could write a letter to Endometriosis, what you say? We’ve asked our friend and blogger Mara Rose to pen a letter to the disease. Dear Endometriosis,I need a break! We’ve known each other for quite some time now. You were quite tricky to...… read more >
Posted 10/27/2016
Living with endo

What Is It Like to Live With Endometriosis?

by Mara Rose. Mara has been living with chronic pain and endometriosis for the last 15 years. What is it like to live with endometriosis?We get this question a lot. It’s a question that no statistic, no graphic, and no medical documentation can...… read more >
Posted 10/14/2016
Mht infographic symptoms myendometriosisteam v2 %282%29

Endometriosis: What People Don't Know (Infographic)

There's so much more to endometriosis than meets the eye. Below the surface, living with endometriosis can mean days spent in bed, missed appointments, and alternate days when we seem "fine." We know that endometriosis comes with hundreds of...… read more >
Posted 10/04/2016
Endo pain is real

8 Things You Should Know About Endometriosis Sufferers

There’s a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about endometriosis. Did you know that one in 10 women live with this painful condition?By our friend and blogger Mara RoseWe are breaking our silence and standing up against a frustrating,...… read more >
Posted 07/14/2016
Hope for endo

6 Steps to Being Your Own Endo Advocate

by Mara Rose. Mara has been living with chronic pain and endometriosis for the last 15 years. When I was in my late teens and early 20’s, I saw a lot of doctors before being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, endometriosis and a slew of spine issues. We...… read more >
Posted 07/14/2016

9 Steps to Processing Your Endometriosis Diagnosis

by Mara Rose. Mara has been living with chronic pain and endometriosis for the last 15 years. Your life changes when you receive a medical diagnosis. Since everyone processes things differently, here is what I’ve learned over the last 15 years of...… read more >
Posted 07/14/2016
Lying down hand pain

What Medicine Gets Wrong About Pain

by Abby Norman“Jesus — ow.”I remember uttering as I stepped into the shower. It was a crisp autumn morning in 2010. I was a sophomore at Sarah Lawrence College and this particular morning was just like every other: except for the nagging pain that...… read more >
Posted 07/14/2016
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