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A heating pad can provide comfort and relief from cramps and pain caused by endometriosis.

What does it involve?
A heating pad is an inexpensive and portable way to obtain some relief from the pain and cramping of endometriosis during menstruation. After surgery for endometriosis, a heating pad applied to your abdomen can help rid your body of excess gas.

Heating pads work by relaxing muscles and promoting increased blood flow to the area.

There are many types of heating pads. Heating pads may be electrical devices, or bags filled with grain and warmed in the microwave. Heating pads may offer dry or moist heat. Electrical heating pads usually have a cover you can remove and wash if needed. Microwaveable heating pads may have optional aromatherapy features. Try different types of heating pads to find the one that offers you the greatest relief.

Intended Outcomes
A heating pad can soothe pain and cramping associated with endometriosis.

Heating pads are one of the most popular home treatments for endometriosis.

Use your heating pad on the lowest effective setting to avoid burns and damage to bedding or clothing.

Be sure to turn your heating pad off when you are finished using it to avoid a potential fire hazard. If you have trouble remembering to turn your heating pad off, consider purchasing a model with a timed shut-off.

Heating pad for Endometriosis Questions

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