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We All Know About The Physical Pain, But What About The Mental Pain?

We All Know About The Physical Pain, But What About The Mental Pain?

Have any of you experience an emotional spiral? Waves of emotions, upset for no particular reason, crying and you don’t know the reason why?

I’m not on any meds although when I was on some couple years ago to help with the Endo pain, my mental state was at a very bad place to where I started to feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I finally got myself off it over a year ago and I’m finally starting to feel myself again.

Yes it’s common to have with… read more

A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

Also, here's some links that I share if people want help getting their partners to understand. I'll just leave them here in case anyone wants them.

This is a support group for male partners of people with endo. It's restricted to dudes, so I've never joined it and my husband didn't either. But I've heard good things.

This is a good article from an endo excision center in Atlanta

This is a book by my first excision surgeon, Dr. Seckin. He goes into some of the disease but it's mostly how it affects patients.

And this is an article from another excision surgeon, Dr. Cook.

posted about 2 months ago
A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

Yes, the hormones drive me crazy. Sometimes I feel happy, and sometimes I cry over nothing. The mentality of knowing this will be a life-long battle is discouraging sometimes. My husband tries to understand, but he just doesn't get it, like you said. They can't know what it's like.
But through therapy, and fighting for good doctors, and doing thorough research (as in, peer-reviewed medical research), I have come to understand how I can best deal with this.

posted about 2 months ago
A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

Welcome to EndoTeam and I'm sorry you're going through that. It's a tough one. I have been through the anxiety and depression wringer. Was on anti-depressants for a year and still see a therapist. It's very common to have those problems with endo, since we are always anticipating pain and then get depressed when we can't do as much. I hope you can talk to your doc about seeing a therapist and/or starting meds, if you think that would help.

The other possibility is PMDD; have you been screened for that? In case you haven't heard of it, it's basically a severe form of depression and anxiety that happens in our pre-menstrual phase. Another thing that might be good.

Not sure how your pain is, but I'm a huge fan of excision surgery. I've had 2 and am 97% pain free. Let me know if you want and I can post a list of resources for you. I hope you feel better.

posted about 2 months ago
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