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Does Anyone Get A Bad Below There Ribs At The Top Of Tummy?

Does Anyone Get A Bad Below There Ribs At The Top Of Tummy?

For past year just before my period I get a terrible bad below my ribs in the middle at the top of my tummy it’s like a sharp stabbing pain as if someone is pulling down my inside ( can’t explain it too much) last night I had it so bad I had to go to a&e and be put on gas and air and morphine just wondering if this is link to endometriosis? Many thanks

A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

Ive had the same pain for years come to find out it was due to my endometriosis for me it was the fact that i was in the begining of my cycle but not having my cycle because my ovries were not producing anything and it caused me a lot if pain sadly there was nothing the doctors could do not saying this is what it is but could be a possibility id try a heating pack where the pain is located and take it easy for a day or so if possible

posted 12 days ago
A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

Hmm depending on where below your ribs it could be a few things. If it is center right below ribs, that is where your esophagus meets your stomach and is usually indicative of severe gastritis or esophagitis. If it is to the right sometimes it is the gallbladder/gallstones. But could also be duodenum. If it is both sides it could be liver or upper gi. There are a number of things that can also refer pain to these areas and you have a bunch of organs stacked in that can make it difficult to determine what it is. You need to rule out multiple things with your doctor because there's so kuch stuff in that area. If they rule out the most common stuff quickly, it could be beneficial to find an endo expert to see if you have extra pelvic lesions. A normal gi or gp is likely not equipped to determine if extra pelvic pain is associated with endo. I hope you find answers soon and feel better soon 💗

posted 13 days ago
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