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I Was Diagnosed At Age 68 With Severe Endo.
A MyEndometriosisTeam Member asked a question 💭

He removed my right ovary but couldn’t remove all of it from my bladder and bowel. I have been having terrible pain in my right side under my right breast in my ribcage for many years. I have had many tests done but they can’t tell me why I am in such severe pain. Could it be from endometriosis at my age of now 77? My doctor said it couldn’t grow now. Thank you

posted November 18
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A MyEndometriosisTeam Member

It's so saddening you weren't taken seriously and you had to suffer without any help. I think an anti-inflammatory diet can help a lot, if your are interested. Thank you for your answer. I hope you find something soon that helps

posted November 20
A MyEndometriosisTeam Member

Thank you for replying. No I as never on hormone replacement. I had very heavy periods for a few years before menopause when I was bleeding for 3 weeks out of 4. I had a lot of pain for many years even after menopause, but couldn’t get a doctor who took me seriously. I finally saw a young gynecologist who did explorative surgery. He said I had severe endo. It covered my right ovary and I had many lesions on my bladder and bowel. He removed my ovary and some lesions, but couldn’t remove all the ones on my bladder and bowel as it was too dangerous. I was 68 before being diagnosed. I now suffer with fibromyalgia and other pain problems, but my worst pain is in my upper right side under my breast in my ribcage. Have had so many tests but they can’t find anything. So frustrating. Thank you for replying.

posted November 19
A MyEndometriosisTeam Member

Hi Pamsy,
I'm sorry for your suffering, I hope you will get better soon. It's said that it's rare to develope endometriosis after menopause, but it happens, especially if someone is taking hormone replacement therapy after menopause. Endo can be found anywhere but hopefully it's not in your ribcage, it's unlikely fortunately to be there, especially in your age.
May I ask if you don't mind sharing if you were taking hormone replacement therapy (birth control pill or some form of estrogen) after menopause?
I wish you a pain free day

posted November 19

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