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What Bits Of "advice" Do You Wish People Would Stop Telling You?

What Bits Of "advice" Do You Wish People Would Stop Telling You?

posted October 9, 2016
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A MyEndometriosisTeam Member

Here are my top Five:

There must be Something they can do for you.

Disease is all in our control and you just need to change your diet, routine, and outlook.

Why don't you just get on hormones?

Have you tried Yoga?

Don't you think you should just bite the bullet and get a Hysterectomy?

posted October 9, 2016
A MyEndometriosisTeam Member

Most women just relate it to bad period pain and think you can "suck it up, we all get them". I want to punch these people.

posted January 31, 2017
A MyEndometriosisTeam Member

*get pregnant (by doctor & family )
* consider a hysterectomy (by doctors)
*get a life (get out and socialize more, find a partner, get back out working)
*have a drink to feel better
*smoke weed/try different drugs
*find a decent doctor (first endo specialist that discovered the 2nd womb told me to Google it because it's so rare)
*get one womb removed
*keep doing what your doing becase its clearly working and you look fine!
*make sure it's not in your head
*don't worry
*don't stress
*don't panic
*you'll get through this
*stop thinking about it
*just get on with it
*change diet
*exercise more
*get second/third/forth opinion
* yoga

The list goes on and on

Not that I want the advice to stop but every endo sister here is completely different with similar symptoms, what works for one may not work for another.

I've considered all of the above again and again and will continue to exhaust every possible avenue like my fellow endo sisters.

I'm aware most advice comes from the heart and it's appreciated so so much but when friends and family think I'm using this as an excuse it is a complete insult on my character.

we need more specialists/better specialists/educated specialists more research, more funding...
This disease has a huge ripple effect and has changed lives!

We are desperate for answers and advice we can trust from professionals. If we can't trust the professionals it gets draining hearing it from "people"
At the end of the day, how can we take advice from anyone when the professionals are not updated and educated?????

It's a lonely battle and in the end we can only trust our own "GUTS" do our own research and figure out what works best for us.

THIS WEBSITE IS A BLESSING BRINGING US ALL TOGETHER to share and advise amongst eachother the ones living with the disease.

We are strong, too strong in fact - as the majority of the time we suffer in silence and this needs to stop!!!!!!!!!!!

I am determined to find what works best for me like all my endo sisters.
I am determined to raise awareness about this disease and I will never stop.

It's a very lonely journey and I'm feeling week and broken.

Like many endo sisters I am not a mother but the thoughts of my niece or any young lady going through this breaks my heart!

One piece of advice I don't get very often and is most important to me.


More and more ladies are being diagnosed every day and we need resources!

Sorry for such a rant and long answer I'm in hospital due to this disease with not much else to do but pray this at least, that this adds to your research and all the fantastic work YOU - our virtual angel has created.

Let our voices be heard PLEASE!


Hugs to all xoxo

posted October 9, 2016
A MyEndometriosisTeam Member

The one I'm so sick of hearing is "oh just get pregnant it will go away". So irritating to hear!

posted October 9, 2016
A MyEndometriosisTeam Member

"Get pregnant - it helped my mom!" ... well I don't have a uterus now do I do that Isnt very well an option now is it.


Just any initial treatment offends me like go on the pill or take some Advil. You think after this many years I'm that stupid that I would have missed something so obvious!? It's really insulting.

I also love the people in denial about there not being a cure. This is the hardest bc from my experience it's the ones who care about you the most they refuse to believe this is your future. Well guess what - if I had to make peace with it than so do you!!! There is NO ONE this is harder on than us Endo Sisters. And no one had a right to make us feel other wise. Love you girls. 💛 🎗 💛

posted October 10, 2016

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