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Success stories from having ovary removed

Success stories from having ovary removed

Hi ladies.
Since 2013, I've had 5 laparoscopies for my endo - 4 of which were to remove an endometrioma (chocolate cyst) from my left ovary. My last operation was in April this year to remove a large endometrioma from the left ovary, and judging by the pain I am in again, the darn thing is back. My gynae suggested removing the left ovary as this is where all the trouble seems to be. My only fear is that we remove the left and the issues then start on the right. I'm 29… read more

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A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

I don't know about that.But mine tends to favor the left ovary.So hopefully since yours favors one you will be ok.But I would think left one is not… read more

posted 11 months ago
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