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How often do you see your gyn?

How often do you see your gyn?

I was wondering because I see mine allot and I was curious if the appointments will lessen over time. I see my gyn almost weekly part of it is because I've reacted pretty bad to the depo and my endometrial biopsy with hysteroscopy. So I've had extra appointments to treat excessive bleeding. Plus I've had a few diagnostic test because of endometriosis such as the biopsy, ultrasound and hysteroscopy. Now I'm scheduled for a second ultrasound after having one a few months back and I go… read more

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A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

I was only seeing mine 1-2 times a year, luckily for me I had a new dr who actually listened to me and sent me to dr who specializes in premenopausal… read more

posted 2 months ago
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