Endo and pregnancy

Endo and pregnancy

Hi all, I was diagnosed with Endo at 18 and Adenomyosis at 24, the doctors that I see don't really seem to be informative on the condition and everything I read up about both conditions on the net never really give me the answers to the questions I have, just the basics on the conditions. Does anyone suffer from extreme tiredness, sickness and bad dizziness? Also, I was very lucky to have had two children in my early 20's (shortly after diagnosis) but as I have hit my 30's it seems that I… read more

A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

I have Adenomyosis and PCOS (diagnosed last week at age 28, haven’t had children yet). I get extremely tired when it’s around my time of the month. As far as dizziness or sickness, I used to have that when I was passing a lot and big clots during my period. I just felt sick I never vomited from it. I’ve been on 5-6 birth controls in 5 years and I haven’t felt the full effect of my period in a long time. I’m currently detoxing from my final pill attempt.

Has you doctor check you insulin and thyroid? Both can cause fatigue and an overall feeling of not feeling well.

As far as fertility. My sister had issues getting pregnant and it was her high testosterone levels as well as an ovary not working. Her doctor got her on the right meds, did a trigger shot, and did an intro uterine insemination (IUI) a few days later. She is now pregnant with her first child.

posted 4 months ago
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