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Has Anyone Else Had Issues With Their Liver?

Has Anyone Else Had Issues With Their Liver?

I have nodules on my liver and was told 7 years ago that I couldn’t be on birth control because of my liver. My endo got much worse after then but my new naturopath thinks it shouldn’t be an issue.

A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

I would also suggest trying Milk Thistle. I used to take birth control and added with severe stress my liver also turned bad and a nodule in my liver formed. Stopped the pill, took the Milk Thistle for about half a year, clean eating, less stress and the nodule was gone. I'm on continuous birth control again (counting year 2 of taking it) and every 3-4 months I drink a course of milk thistle. My liver shoes no signs of going awry.

posted about 17 hours ago
A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

Try Milk Thistle for liver health. Wishing you a life free of pain.

posted 21 days ago
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