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Anyone Taking Duphaston ?

Anyone Taking Duphaston ?

I've been told by my gynae to take duphaston continuously for my stage 4 endometriosis and to shrink two cysts i have on each ovary 3 months ago. With changing my diet to palbt based and elimating coffee and alcohol my both cysts shrunk tp half its sizes in a month and a half. My period was 2 weeks later than usual upon my first month of duphaston. Now my period is 24 days later but I've been spotting a bit around the two times it was due. Has anyone had to take duphaston continuously and did… read more

A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

Endo makes its own estrogen so even if you continue this medication the Endo Lesions will still grow deeper. Please check out Nancy's Nook.

posted 15 days ago
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