The Importance of Trusting Yourself

Posted on August 16, 2018

Studies have shown that the more we take ownership of our condition, the more engaged we are in maintaining behaviors that help us live better. An important factor in having the confidence to take this ownership is self-trust.

"If something doesn't seem right, I trust my gut and look for answers." - Member of MyEndometriosisTeam

"When I was first diagnosed, I kept my mouth shut even if my doctor said something incorrect or wrong for my body. I'm learning to trust those feelings - my intuition - and speak up." - Member of MyEndometriosisTeam

Here are some conversations about trust on MyEndometriosisTeam:

"I have been taking herbal DIM for 3 weeks and I feel and look 100% better. I don't feel bloated anymore, I feel so much calmer. I have even loss weight. My skin is much clearer. My Doctor is useless. I am so glad I researched it myself. I am feeling so much happier! Trust your own intuition!"

"Even when all MRIs are clear against all the naysayers... it's worth going to someone you trust 100%, who hears you and looks where you ask them to."

"Hey so I was diagnosed with endo, fibroids and large multiple endometriomas in ovaries in January. I was in so much pain I was begging for surgery but then something told me to research. Now I’m in no pain been 2 months. Having period now with zero cramps and they used to drive me to ER. My cysts shrank also by couple centimeters each. Have faith, trust your body, and research lots."

Was there a moment when you doubted yourself and later realized that your instinct was right? Or an instance when you were glad you trusted yourself? Share that moment in the comments below or directly on

A MyEndometriosisTeam Member said:

We know our bodies the best, it's a talent to listen to you're body

posted 11 days ago


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