Myths and Facts about Endometriosis

Posted on September 18, 2018

In this video, Dr. Orady dispels common myths surrounding endometriosis. She provides a straightforward outline for those living with endometriosis to better understand their condition, including causes of endometriosis, sources of endo pain, the role of "the pill," and also clarifies misunderstanding about hysterectomies.

Do you have a question that you'd like Dr. Orady to answer? Want guidance on what to ask your doctor regarding endometriosis? Post in comments below.

Dr. Mona Orady is currently the director of robotic surgery services at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, California, practicing minimally invasive gynecological surgery at Dignity Medical Foundation. Her expertise is in complex surgery, menstrual disorders, fibroids, and endometriosis. She also cares for more specialized gynecology patients with pelvic pain, dyspareunia, vulvar disorders, and pediatric gynecological conditions. Read full bio.

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